What are you really up against?

If your business didn’t exist, what solutions would be available to your ideal clients to solve their problems?

This may sound like just another throwaway though experiment, but trust me, your answers to this question make an incredible difference to creating services that matter.

At this point, chances are you already have lots of potential solutions swimming around in your head so let’s write them down.

What have your audience personas tried in the past? What triggered them to try these things and what new problems did these solutions create?

How did each of these solutions make your personas feel?

The reason we spend time getting all the possible solutions on the table is not to dwell on what we’re up against (though understanding what we’re pushing against is super important), but to reveal hidden opportunities and to give us insight into how we might go about communicating with our target audience about the solutions we offer.

Examining all potential solutions reveals the territory that our solution occupies, the sandbox we play in. It helps us understand how we are different, not just from our perspective, but through the eyes of our ideal clients.

So go ahead and get everything on the table.