Using gravity to your advantage

I’m not the person who will tell you to leap head first into starting a new business full-time with no financial safety net. I’m all for maintaining a part-time gig to maintain some stability while your passion project gains momentum.

This balance can be hard. Running a business means there is always work to be done, a deadline approaching, an urgent client need. Working part-time means there are times when I am simply unavailable to my clients. There’s also the small problem of finding the time to actually work on my business, set goals and figure out how I’m going to get there.

In permaculture, there is a principle known as to catch and store energy. Yields harvested during times of high productivity help to get us through the lean times. In food production, this could mean using rocks on a south facing wall to trap heat from the sun during the day to be released during the cooler night when plants need to be kept warm. Or a gravity fed irrigation system.

On days when I wake up wondering how I’m going to fit everything in, I reframe my job as a means to catch and store cash to draw on later. But it also helps me to focus on energy flows in my business.

Which projects give me energy rather than forcing me to draw on my on reserves? What trends are occurring that I could jump on and benefit from the existing momentum? Rather than trying to push everything up hill.

Are you using your current situation to catch and store energy to use later? How can you use gravity to get you to where you want to go?

Today, tomorrow and the next day

What is your big, hairy, audacious goal? Your main objective? The thing that makes what you do today, tomorrow and the next day worth it?

If your dream is for your idea to become a movement, do you know what you will do tomorrow to bring you a step closer?

Big goals require consistent effort over time. They require persistence - doing the same thing over and over again. Daily practices.

Just because that social post of yours that got tonnes of engagement never eventuated into a sale, doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating. Instead of going to work everyday trying to make that million dollars, try celebrating the small wins that put you on the path. Because when the small wins happen again and again, that’s when they grow into bigger and bigger gains in your business.

Want to sell 5 million books? Where to start? On her blog over on Forbes, Brand Strategist Pia Silva talks about working backwards to find the task before the task, before the task.

Find out what you need to do tomorrow and again the next day.


There will always be lurkers. Those who subscribe to your email list or download your free guide who won’t buy from you. They will return to your site again and again and never pay you a penny.

Why are we so afraid of the lurkers? We look to them as evidence that creating and sharing our insights is a pointless exercise. That we’re giving away our expertise. Yet, in one form or another, we’re all lurkers to someone.

How many emails do you read from that expert before you buy? The truth is you probably never will. Why? Maybe their prices are too high. Or maybe, everything they tell you, you already know.

Maybe, you’re not the person they’re trying to sell to.

When thinking about whether to share your knowledge, to whom and where, instead of thinking of it in terms of growing your customer base, think of it as growing a movement.

So why might the lurkers eventually buy? Because they trust you. Because they somehow feel like they already know you. Because the movement you have created around your service is impossible to ignore.