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When writing sales copy, the call to action (CTA) can seem like the most enticing part. You’ve got a great product and you know it. So why not just tell people to buy it already?

Often, in my client’s writing, I see well written calls to action but they worry that they come off as sleazy, sales-y or cheap. Why?

Because they haven’t done the work to convince the reader that using their product will deliver a real benefit, relieve real pain or solve a real problem. For your writing to sell, you must learn to see your service from the benefits end. This takes practice and i't’s not always straightforward. Benefits can be tangible but not always - features can be things but they can also be feelings.

Yet it’s worth the work. It means that by the time you get to your CTA, your work is virtually done. The CTA becomes the cherry on top not the main event. It means you don’t need to push or sell. Your benefits speak for themselves.