The Bottom

When you’re in a downward spiral, as hard as it sounds, you need to hit the bottom. You can’t get the momentum you need to change direction without bouncing off something. Hitting the bottom at full speed gives you the momentum to bounce upward and start moving towards the life you want.

But if you’re fighting the downward trend, if you’re too scared to hit the bottom, how will you ever gain the momentum you need to pull yourself out?

It’s scary to be in free fall. How will you have to fall? How will you know when you’ve truly reached the bottom and not simply bouncing off the sides? Maybe you’ve hit the bottom before and it was so unpleasant, so traumatic, there’s a part of you that refuses to go there again. Or perhaps you thought you had already reached the bottom only to discover there was still further to fall.

When we’re fighting what is, when we generalize our past experience, our past traumas to our current reality, we end up in a loop, repeating the same patterns, never letting go enough to reach the bottom. And so we never experience the real shifts we need to make change happen. The wake up calls never reach us.

But when we let go, when we allow what is to be fully realized, the bottom isn’t far away at all. And in fact, when we start exploring the bottom, we discover a path out.