Working with what's known

There are some things in life that we tend to avoid knowing.

For example, our credit score or the median cost of a rental home in our city.

It’s because there are some facts for which we have no capacity. Blissful ignorance has a certain value, to a point.

Until your state of ignorance costs you more than knowing what you’re really up against. Until your state of ignorance becomes an energy leak.

In my business, I like to minimize energy leaks from the beginning. I like to work with clear deliverables, known timelines and transparent budgets.

When I share work with a client, I ensure to include a request for feedback by a specified date. If I don’t hear from them, I follow up. There’s no need to feel guilty or that I’m being a nag. The timeline was known.

There will always be uncertainty. There will always be unknowns. But cleaning up the unnecessary ambiguity frees up mental energy. It plugs the leaks.