When a door closes

If the work you do goes against the grain, pushes against norms or truly meets an previously unmet need, be prepared to hear no.

We are trained to keep our options open, to wedge doors open for ourselves in case we change our minds or want to return to the safer, well worn path.

The further you go down the path less travelled, the more doors will be closed to you. People will close doors to you because they don’t understand the need you meet, or they don’t understand you or they are afraid of what you represent.

When doors close to us, our reflex is to believe that this says something about us. We’re not good enough or there’s something wrong with our message or we failed to convince the right people.

Usually though, when someone closes a door to you, they are saying something about themselves. That whatever you’re doing doesn’t work for them. They are telling you that your people are not behind this particular door.

Keeping our options open, keeping doors ajar helps us feel like we have options but usually having too many options only serves to dilute our focus, split our energy. Keeping one foot in the door means having one foot out the door too.

Doors closing is usually a signal you’re on the right path and it’s getting more right.