It’s so simple that it’s crazy it took you this long to figure it out.

The breakthrough really does come when you’ve stopped looking for it. When you start doing something else. When you follow your nose and just do the thing that makes the most sense at the time.

Something tells me that you need to go through all the pushing and gnashing. Trying to mould what you do into a nice, neat, tidy package that’s valuable, that makes a real difference to your clients. That sense of it being okay but not quite it.

The breakthrough happens when you go from pushing your client through swathes of information to the crystal clear clarity when they reach the same conclusions you do but without the struggle.

Realizing you are finally in a place where you can take your client from point A to point B with ease for both parties.

It all seems so simple now. If only it was.

Here's something we can agree on

If you’re having trouble convincing someone of the best way forward, perhaps you are going about it the hard way.

Humans all have the same needs - safety, shelter, food and water, belonging, love and connection, to be respected by others, to feel fulfilled. There’s a reason Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has endured for decades.

Yet we all have different ways of getting our needs met. Our beliefs determine our actions and getting others to agree with our beliefs is hard. But what if instead, you find the need you share? What if agreeing on the outcome is all it takes?

Taj James, found and Executive Director of the Movement Strategy Centre talks about how much time we spend wanting people to believe what we believe as opposed to working towards the same outcomes. Say for example, you want to establish a new community garden in your neighbourhood because of your belief that eating home grown produce is healthier than eating conventionally farmed produce. Your neighbour also wants to see a new community garden in her neighbourhood because she believes kids can benefit from learning how to garden. You don’t have to share the same beliefs but you both want the same outcome.

We are always going to have different needs to our clients. We need to work within our process. Our process might be too arduous or take too long for our clients. An emergency to our client is a just another step towards their goal to us. Your process might be evolving while some of your clients will want to work with you the way they always have.

Your job is not to convince them that your way is the best way. It’s to find the outcome you both agree on and work back from there.