Making butter

If you have ever tried making your own butter, you know that before you see a yellow glob form in the jar, you must first endure a long period of shaking the cream back and forth. Back and forth. The process will fool you. You will begin to wonder how much more shaking will be needed. You will begin to wonder if this is really the way to make butter at all.

Meanwhile, your arm is starting to tire. The ache makes you switch hands. Still nothing.

‘Am I doing it wrong’? you will say to yourself.

Sure, there are certain conditions that do make the job easier. Using a large jar that provides ample space for the cream to move back and forth will help. Having a friend on hand to take over shaking the jar to give your arms a chance to recover has the added benefit of making the task more social.

Still, there will inevitably be a long period of shaking the jar when no change is evident.

The cream will give you no indication that it’s changing states until you sense a telltale glob moving from end to end in the jar. The butter will suddenly, almost miraculously, form itself in the bottom of the jar with just a trickle of watery run off remaining of what was once fluid cream.

Making butter is a repetitive process. There are no shortcuts. It involves doing the same thing over and over until you see change.

Marketing as meditation

Marketing is like meditation, When you start out, you believe it’s something you will become good at.

Over time, you hope it will transform you. Make you a better person.

You don’t know when, possibly next week or next month, but soon your life will look very different.

But in fact, after doing the same thing every day for a few months, your world doesn’t look much different at all. You thought it should at least be getting easier by now, that you would be a ‘better’ meditator.

But most mornings your mind still wanders. Some mornings you don’t notice a single breath. Still, you persist. It’s become a habit. You’ve let go of your attachment to the outcome.

The thing about rewiring your brain is, it takes time and the shifts are not at all dramatic.

After a few years of doing the same thing over and over, you may not be able to perceive the change, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.