Brand Anatomy 101

If there’s anything we love to talk about as marketers, it’s your brand’s personality. We turn ourselves inside out anthropomorphizing it, turning it into a caricature, ‘bringing it to life’.

It can feel a little awkward or cutesy. We’re talking about something serious after all. It’s your business and you just need to launch that new website, the new logo, the ad campaign already. Who cares what your brand eats for breakfast?

And the truth is, no one cares what your brand eats for breakfast. But there are people who care about what makes your business tick. They’re the people who design your new website, your new logo, who write the copy for your next Facebook ad. Because they don’t want to create something that looks like it could belong to any of the other businesses on your street. It’s bad for their business and bad for yours.

Think about how your brand shows up in the world. How it interacts with your customers, your competitors. Then write down five or six adjectives that describe your brand, what it stands for (and what it doesn’t).

It’s another step towards building something that matters to people.