Right brain, left brain

Cost per click, search rankings, impressions, click through rates, conversion rates and relevance scores.

All will tell you how well you are performing, how likely a customer is to buy from your, where your efforts are getting derailed. Every action is measurable, every connection has a value that can be expressed in dollars and cents.

Our left brains love all this data - to be able to comb through it, analyze it and draw evidence-based conclusions. we all want to be able to prove it, to back up our findings, to draw logical conclusions and inform the next big push.

We live in a world where our left brains have been allowed not only to flourish but to dominate unfettered.

What then, has become of that other hemisphere? What has happened to our intuition, our connection to a deeper knowing? Intuition in business is a sticky subject. Yet, as we move towards automation, as AI becomes more adept and more reliable, cultivating our left brains - our centres for creative thought and emotional connection - could be where our competitive advantage will lie.