Part 2: You are the marketer you need

So what kind of marketing am I supposed to be doing then?

That all depends. Maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s podcasting maybe it’s telling Instagram Stories. Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe it's something else entirely.

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The content trap

When you think of online content for your business, how do you feel?



Content marketing can quickly become just another thing on your to-list. Just block out a couple of hours per week to churning out the next batch of posts. Quantity over quantity. Keeping up appearances.

But the way we read online is even more frenetic than the way we read print. The old upside-down pyramid of news journalism is even more relevant today than ever.

Every single word counts.

When you write for your audience, everything you say needs to be tighter, sharper, shorter, clearer.

Give yourself time to write it. Then more time to tighten it, clean it up and write it again.


There will always be lurkers. Those who subscribe to your email list or download your free guide who won’t buy from you. They will return to your site again and again and never pay you a penny.

Why are we so afraid of the lurkers? We look to them as evidence that creating and sharing our insights is a pointless exercise. That we’re giving away our expertise. Yet, in one form or another, we’re all lurkers to someone.

How many emails do you read from that expert before you buy? The truth is you probably never will. Why? Maybe their prices are too high. Or maybe, everything they tell you, you already know.

Maybe, you’re not the person they’re trying to sell to.

When thinking about whether to share your knowledge, to whom and where, instead of thinking of it in terms of growing your customer base, think of it as growing a movement.

So why might the lurkers eventually buy? Because they trust you. Because they somehow feel like they already know you. Because the movement you have created around your service is impossible to ignore.

Where are the ravers?

How many customers do you need?

Getting the word out to 10,000 people or even 1000 people is hard. But getting the word out to 10 people? 10 people who already like and trust you? That’s easy.

In his new book, Seth Godin talks about finding your minimum viable audience - the smallest group of people you can build your business on serving because “we can’t buy our way to mass anymore”.

And if your 10 people don’t rave about your work and bring in another 10 people, ask them why. Ask for advice. Then make better work.