You're great but...

The position calls for someone with more…

  • skills

  • experience

  • an advanced degree

  • drive

  • personality

  • diligence

  • creativity.

When we aren’t the one to be accepted, when we don’t make it through to the next round, we flip flop between questioning ourselves and the organization who has rejected us.

In fact, it’s a good idea to spend time reflecting on failure. Some great questions to ask ourselves might be:

  • do my goals align with the organization’s?

  • did I position myself in the best way possible to illustrate that alignment?

  • If not, what changes would I make to my application if I had this opportunity again?

Questions like:

  • what’s wrong with me?

  • what’s wrong with them?

  • how should I change the way I am to do better next time? or

  • how should I change my goals in light of this failure?

These sorts of questions, if they come up for you are best avoided. Don’t take the bait.