Part 2: You are the marketer you need

So what kind of marketing am I supposed to be doing then?

That all depends. Maybe it’s blogging, maybe it’s podcasting maybe it’s telling Instagram Stories. Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe it's something else entirely.

If you’ve done the work to identify the problem you solve and for whom. If you’re clear on your process and how you create real value for your clients, you now need to find your voice.

What creative activities do you gravitate towards? What activities repel you? Perhaps you are a writer at heart. Or perhaps you are visual thinker - communicating your ideas with images. Whatever. Just go where the energy is.

The trick is to find something you want to do and commit to doing it every day. You want to build a system around it and master it.

This doesn’t let you off the hook of building a sustainable marketing plan. You still need to ensure the activity you choose can generate awareness, engagement and leads. But you do it through connecting with people and you’ll connect better with people when your energy is there. When you’re doing work you’re proud of.