Part 1: You are the marketer you need

Marketing can seem so overwhelming. After all, it’s everywhere we turn. It’s the water we swim in. And it has a way of triggering in us a feeling that we’re not doing enough. Especially when we’re doing everything it takes to keep a small business afloat.

The truth is, most of the marketing we see is the flashy kind devised by agency creative teams. The slick packaging, the viral social campaigns, the celeb endorsements. These campaigns cost 10s of thousands, sometimes 100s of thousands of dollars to implement.

And you don’t have that kind of money so what’s the point? Right?

Here’s the thing. That kind of marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the marketing that goes on is invisible. You don’t see it unless you happen to be in a business’ bullseye audience.

I know. On the face of it, marketing seems like simply being everywhere, doing everything. But this is not the kind of marketing small businesses like you and I need to be doing. Leave that to the Coca Colas and Gillettes and BMW’s.

Because there is another type of marketing and it doesn’t involve outsourcing. All it requires of you is to show up. Every single day.

“You are the best person to market your business,” - Marie Forleo