Today, tomorrow and the next day

What is your big, hairy, audacious goal? Your main objective? The thing that makes what you do today, tomorrow and the next day worth it?

If your dream is for your idea to become a movement, do you know what you will do tomorrow to bring you a step closer?

Big goals require consistent effort over time. They require persistence - doing the same thing over and over again. Daily practices.

Just because that social post of yours that got tonnes of engagement never eventuated into a sale, doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating. Instead of going to work everyday trying to make that million dollars, try celebrating the small wins that put you on the path. Because when the small wins happen again and again, that’s when they grow into bigger and bigger gains in your business.

Want to sell 5 million books? Where to start? On her blog over on Forbes, Brand Strategist Pia Silva talks about working backwards to find the task before the task, before the task.

Find out what you need to do tomorrow and again the next day.