What is marketing?

Try using marketing’ in a sentence.

‘I have trouble marketing my business.’

‘I don’t need marketing for my business because I already have enough clients.’

‘I think distributing a catalogue with all my products to potential customers it the best marketing strategy for my business.’

Do you view what you do and why you do it from the inside out or from the outside in? That is, do you think of what your customers can do for your business or what your business can do for your customers?

Marketing is both. And other things too.

Marketing is why you do what you do. Marketing is what you do. Marketing is how you do it.

If you believe you don’t know the best way to market your business, then what is it that you really believe?

Perhaps you aren’t sure if what you do truly matters to your target audience.

Or perhaps you don’t know if you’re charging the right price.

Or perhaps, when people ask you what you do, you don’t know what to tell them. Or that when you tell them, you lose them.

Finding answers to all of these questions is marketing.