Design from patterns to details

In permaculture, nature provides the pattern the gardener works from. Naturally occurring patterns enable energy flow. They ensure self-sustainability and self perpetuation.

“Design from patterns to details: by stepping back, we can observe patterns in nature and society. These can form the backbone of our designs, with the details filled in as we go.”

When we ignore natural patterns, we block or disrupt natural energy flow creating more work and lower yields.

It takes time to observe and understand a pattern before we start to work with it . Eventually we want to design a system that works with, supports and enhances the natural flow of energy.

If you’re looking at your business and trying to find the patterns, they don’t have to be big or obvious. Try looking beyond patterns that sound like ‘this activity makes me the most money’ or ‘this is the most efficient way I’ve found to accomplish x’.

It could be something as simple as ‘when I do this activity, I feel good.’