Glass houses

It's tempting to poke holes in our competitors’ work. Perhaps they’re a digital marketing firm and their social presence is next to zero. Or their blog hasn’t been updated since October 2016. Or the stock photography in their brochure looks like it was shot in 1998.

It’s easy to think of all the ways you could do what they do better.

If you asked them why they hadn’t fixed that broken link or that go-no-where-form or attended to that bad grammar on their About page they might say ‘yeah, we know we need to work on that’, or ‘we wish we could afford to hire a copywriter to help us with our messaging’.

Putting our energy into criticizing others is a dangerous game. It lets us off the hook from investing in making our own processes better. Meanwhile, our competitors are out there having a go, doing their best.

What if you looked at your competitors’ work as a chance to learn and grow?