Good marketing is...

  1. Good marketing solves problems.

    Start with creating a service people actually need. To do this, you will need to look at what problem people have, how they currently solve this problem and what new problems they create by attempting to solve their original problem.

  2. Good marketing is sustainable.

    It’s not all about flashy campaigns. At the core of your marketing plan should be the activities you plan to repeat over and over again. If it’s not repeatable, it’s not worth it. Small and slow solutions are easier to maintain than large, complex systems.

  3. Good marketing is holistic.

    You must be able to demonstrate a direct link between any marketing activity and your biggest, most important goals. Before you act, ask yourself how will this help me get from point A to point B - not just in my business but in my life?

  4. Good marketing begins with people.

    Ask who will this help? What benefits does this create? Does this create any new problems for my clients? How else can I help?

  5. Good marketing is honest.

    Click baiting, keyword stuffing, opt-out emailing and other bait-and-switch tactics will only ever get you so far and damage your reputation in the process. If by eliminating these tactics, you are left with no plan at all, see point 2.

  6. Good marketing is as little marketing as possible.

    Keep it clear. Keep it concise. Keep it targeted.