Getting to 'no'

One of the toughest things for anyone in business is saying no to a client. It could be saying no to doing a task a certain way, saying no to a certain timeline or saying no to working with a client at all.

Saying no often means saying no to work, to cash flow. Saying no can sometimes mean hurt feelings. And it’s not always clear when saying no is the right thing to do.

But saying no is also about saying yes. Yes to sticking to your process. Yes to your ideal clients. Yes to maintaining balance - in your business and in your life. Yes to the work that gets you up in the morning.

One way to make saying no easier is to develop a list of client responsibilities in your statement of work. Send it with every proposal. Ensure your client is aware of it even if they don’t take the time to read it. When a project appears to be going off the rails, refer back to this list. It will tell you when saying no is the right thing to do.