What do your clients really need?

As a small business owner, I bet you spend countless hours thinking about the service you provide - what to name it, how to improve it, how to price it, how to promote it. All good and noble questions. 

Now consider how much time you spend thinking about your clients' problems. Like, really thinking about them. 

Often when I ask my clients to tell me about the problem they solve for their clients, they really struggle to articulate it. Sometimes, they will jump straight to the solution- talking about the services they offer and why they are important. 

"I provide great design at an affordable price." Or, "I really care about my clients."

These statements could both be very true but they don't demonstrate an understanding of your client's needs. And if your client doesn't believe you truly understand their needs, they will go elsewhere. 

So how do you identify your client's needs?

Think about your ideal customer - perhaps a favourite client you have worked for in the past. What made it so great to work for them? What problem did you solve for them? Who are they? What keeps them up at night? What bugs them about your industry?

Once you have a little more clarity about your clients' problems, addressing them with your unique solutions will start to make a whole lot more sense.