Change the way you think about marketing

Marketing is for small business too. But if you’re a freelancer, consultant, creative or healer, you have more than likely felt your fair share of overwhelm, lack of focus or disappointment when your marketing efforts didn’t get the results you wanted.

We have so many options available to us to help spread our message - webinars, podcasts, blogging, vlogging, email campaigns, social advertising. And it often feels like everyone’s a marketing expert.

Your best friend’s little sister enjoyed amazing success with Instagram advertising; while your father-in-law’s neighbour added this great new button to his Facebook page and you should have seen how the sales rolled in.

It’s true. Great marketing isn’t rocket science. You can learn the skills to market your business.

Who I work with

My clients are small service businesses who need sustainable marketing systems. My clients believe their job is to solve people's problems, not to persuade people that they have problems.

How I work

With coaching and specifically-designed resources, I will teach you how to design services your clients really need and to start selling as painlessly as possible. I believe YOU are the best person to market your business. My goal is empower you to do the work while staying on-hand to jump in and troubleshoot whenever you need me.

When we need reinforcements...

There are some great DIY design platforms out there but sometimes we'll need back-up from talented people to help make your vision a reality. I work with a local design team and together we have come up with a collection of small-business friendly design packages. There’s one to fit any budget. Flat fee and transparent pricing takes the dread out of seeking professional design services.